Waiting on the arrival of my Motoped

Hello all,

Good things come to those who wait! That being said, I'm sure everyone that has ordered a Motoped is itching for it to arrive. Some angry with the delays, others just happy that the world has this awesome new product that's due to arrive at their doorstep anytime now. We all have been frustrated with the slow ups, but, I can attest from seeing premature growth from a company that can't support it, and assure you that Motovox buying out Motopeds and taking the time to stop everything in its' tracks and correct issues was best for everyone. Think of it this way: Stop everything dead in its tracks, fix every single problem at one time, and move forward flawless. Or, work out the kinks as they go, thus continuing to have issues and chasing their tails. This presents a company that has an image that can not manage sales, distribution, and manufacturing properly. Well, that is a thing of the past now. Firm deadlines, new bike production (with more options on builds), parts, and shipping is what's  propelling them forward; correctly this time. 

When looking at complaints, most are of shipping complications or deadlines not being made. However, look at what they say once their Motoped arrives

"It's about time, but man, this bike looks to be of high quality parts, was easy to put together and an absolute blast to ride". So, holding back on the bikes and correcting the manufacturing and delivery issues was truly the best option to provide for a seamless future.

From someone that owned one of the first Motopeds out there, I can tell you that you are in for a treat once yours arrives. From learning the cool pedal tricks, figuring out how to manhandle your machine, your custom build options, and the endless attention and ease of ownership, every new day brings a different joy. 

So yes, I want my Motoped, and I want it soon as possible! While I understand the reasons why we are where we are at, I see that smooth operations and accurate delivery schedules are here to stay.

PS. No i don't work for them, I'm just a dealer that understands how start up businesses can have issue's while climbing to the top!

Loyal Motopeder and Motoped dealer,

Chad Flood